“What to do if children take all my energy?”

“My sons 4 and 8 years old. They all the time require attention, they simply do not give me a second of peace. I feel completely without strength “. Common situation

? We explain how to cope with the emotional burnout of parents.

What worries you?

Communication with children deprives you of strength, prevents you from feeling yourself. You would like your children to not scream, calmly sat down at the table, ate quickly and do not get dirty, so that they do not quarrel, clean their room and do not run headlong around the apartment. And most importantly, they do not constantly demand your attention and do not prevent you from doing your business.

How to react?

First, admit that the needs of children are opposite to your. Most parents love order in the house, appreciate silence and peace, dream of sleeping longer in the morning. Most children adore noise, they feel best when there are a mess around, and prefer to wake up at dawn on the weekend!

This situation inevitably leads to conflicts and complicates the relationship. If you do not take into account the difference in your aspirations, then you risk awakening the spirit of rivalry in children. In any unspoken struggle for power, there is always a winner and loser, and both at the level of relations inevitably lose both.

Indeed, how can you feel that the one who denies your needs appreciates you as a person? In a word, competition in the family is not the only possible option. In the long run, cooperation is more effective. But it requires us to open our desires and mutual respect.

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